Sunday, July 01, 2007

It only hurts when I walk?

So yesterday I went on what I thought would be a short ride. Since the Wilderness Park Trail is right in my back yard (well you know what I mean) I decided to head out and "get lost" for an hour. But an hour turned into four...

I headed south from Old Cheney and figured I would head toward this danger bridge that is located along the trail. Then I would change course and go east to hook up with 14th street, then head north to Cooper park and back to the tail end of the Rock Island that brings me back to Ruskin Place. That seemed like a doable thing. But when I found myself dashing along the grass and reaching 14th and Saltillo Road, I knew I made a slight error. I was amazed the time flew like it did. As I was riding I never stopped once to look at my cell.

So needless to say the ride home (and the whole ride) was longer than planned but it was good. I was pretty drained as I feel asleep at around 5:30pm and woke up from my cell ringing at 12:30am. I missed Saturday night completely. Not a big deal cause there will be many more!

Today I woke up and my calves felt like they were kicked really hard by a horse in my sleep last night. So, like a schmuck, I go outside and grab my Tomac and ride out to the construction on the bride crossover at the water park (27th and Hwy 2). My legs felt fine on the bike but walking back inside was murder. So I went back to the couch to chill out with my legs up. Hopefully, this means I can ride tomorrow in decent shape. For one thing, this has made me want to go back and see where I made my mistake or maybe I just had my iPod turned up too loud to pay attention. Possibly I will have better luck tomorrow assuming my calves are with me.


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