Monday, June 18, 2007

A week of running around but it seems I haven't gotten anywhere...

As Spring fades to black and Summer rushes in I found myself running around trying to tie up a few loose ends. All in all, it was a productive week despite not getting a couple things done but they were out of my hands. Not only am I a team player but I work really well on my own as I see the prize and go after it. Wish everyone shared this trait. Not many do as was evidenced this past week. Without tipping my hand, I will just say that trying to nail down a rolling stone (of sorts) is very exhausting and time consuming. Hopefully, when my friend finally decides to stick around for a while I will be able to have that important business talk. That's all I will say about that right now.

On the brighter side, Summer has finally said, "I'm here! I'm queer! Get used to it!!!" So of course my pale ass has been sporting sun screen and sweating my ass off doing all sorts of outdoor activities. One of those things is riding my new Tomac which has been proving more and more fun. There's something to be said about being able to hop on a bike and ride. Not only is the exercise great but you feel younger for that time you're out. I find I try to get my biking done a little earlier so I can not roast under the UV rays.

My property management opened the pool for the season and I think the water has had enough direct sun days to be quite nice. One thing I cannot stand is a pool that is either too cold or too warm. One of the things I found very disappointing when i spent time in Florida was that the ocean was so fucking warm by the end of July/beginning of August that it was not as refreshing as it might have been for the heat. But the one cool thing is that you do not need to dip your toes and see if the temperature is right - you just jump in! So these next couple of days I will be jumping into the pool after I get out of the gym or maybe after dinner and spend some lazy time reading and trying not to burn. ;)


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