Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I will just say this and that's all I will say about it!

Hopefully my wisdom will not come off as cocky. It is something I have come to believe in wholeheartedly. No romantic notions are intended as we are not talking about love nor war.

In the business world virtually all is fair. One should not enter the fray with a naive notion or assumption of what fair play really means. Clearly, in light of this there are certain things that are expected as being a normal (and familiar) part of doing business. Negotiating is one of them. A negotiation is a dialog between interested parties. It is the exchange of ideas if you will, much like solving a problem cooperatively. The solution is not a constant, but a state that is reached after both parties are satisfied with their positions after the dialog is exhausted.

Make no mistake. If there is no dialog there is no negotiation. Without negotiation, most deals never get off the ground. This is quite the opposite of butterfly wings. But then again, we're not talking butterflies, flowery fields or moonbeams at dusk. We're talking business and the dreary reality of it. It often brings with it an overcast day to the meadow.

With a clear mind remember this. At the end of the day, no matter what your losses or gains add up to on paper, there is one commodity that you can never get back. That's your time. Use your time wisely and to the best of your ability. Realize that either way, win or lose, it will be lost!


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