Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day One was so much fun!

For getting in at around 6am I remarkably woke up at 10:30am. 6am is a habit on weekends I have picked up recently since the weather is so nice at night you wanna either mountain bike or just kick it with friends on a porch until dawn. I love the Spring! But being that last night was Day one of my birthday weekend, does this mean the party was lame? HELL NO!

First I'd like to thank Lee-Lee, Zero, Amber, Risky, Chief and all the rest of the posse that showed up for my surprise Birthday BBQ! It was so much fun and even though the burgers were well done, you cannot beat BBQ cases of beer and a fine atmosphere to set things off so right. I had a blast reminiscing about spring/summer time hijinks and all the best times I've had here since I moved. I am still tickled!

Thanks also have to go out to Travis for hosting the after party. Uber-fun! Some footage from last nights party (more to come as there was some really slap-stick schtick caught on my tape)!

I would say I am going to kick up my heels and relax tonight but it is Day 2 and it all centers around Chuck Liddell beating Quinton Jackson to avenge his third and only remaining loss. I'll be watching intently as always! GO CHUCK!!!


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