Friday, May 25, 2007

Chock Full Of Nuts...

As can be seen from my lurker status most of this month, May has been really busy. But more precisely "I" have been more busy. All in all, my diligence has paid off as things have been rolling smoothly and quickly. When you hunker down time flies! So far this month has flown by real fast which is not a bad thing. As you may recall, this weekend is my Birthday weekend and while I am not throwing another mega-bash at Bricktop I will be celebrating pretty hard!

In my mind my birthday this year will represent a mid-way point for this year and all the goals I have set for it. So needless to say the progress reports are in and I have received more than adequate marks! Hence, the reason why I am celebrating.

I plan on having my video camera and pocket cam with me throughout the weekend to catch some of the action as long as I am in the condition to do so. Hey, when in Rome, right? But seriously, this weekend will be a series of firsts as I am in almost complete dark as to what is actually planned. My girlfriend has had something up her sleeve all this week but I have just let her have her fun. I am not against surprises but I am not the kind of person that needs to know everything right away so let's just say I am intrigued. What little I do know revolves around Saturday and Sunday nights.

Saturday night Bricktop will feature my friend Garrick spinning some real G-Spot stimulating trance and breaks with a little bit of the old school thrown in for good measure. plus, there will be my friend Chelsea and some other chicks Go-Go dancing the whole night. So I will definitely have my video cam poised to catch all the eye candy, friends and awesome tunes. As I am getting more proficient at using my video camera the vids should come out excellent after a little editing. I am excited!

Sunday will be a first for me as I am going on the Boat Party! The boat party is held twice a year on Memorial and Labor Day weekends and is basically like a cruise to nowhere (popular on the East coast). Everybody hops on board and the boats takes a round trip up and down the river all the while people drink and party to the areas premiere DJs. The boat departs at 10pm and will re-dock at 3am. So in essence, it's like going to a club only you cannot leave. lol Not that not leaving is a bad thing as I have been told the party is quite a blast. I am looking forward to this not only for the party but because I have not been on a boat in a couple of years. Something I miss from living on Long Island. So needless to say I am excited about this as well!

I guess the only time I will have to relax will be on Monday, hopefully the weather will be nice so that I can perhaps talk a walk in the park with my girlfriend, chill under the sun and relax. Also, the pool should be open here at my apartment so that should be cool also!

In the meantime, I have been collecting some video clips from the late winter and spring that I finally edited and have uploaded. You can check 'em out below:

This is a short scene taken before my Wednesday night shift began at Bricktop. Needless to say, the bar was empty but what amazed me was that nobody was out walking around - not even the Sterno-freaks and bums!

This is a video I decided to make while I was experiencing winter insomnia. After I recorded it and previewed it I did manage to nap for like two hours. Glad it's over!

A wacky night of clubbing and a couple friends decide to get "some eats" at a local diner. Gotta love my friends!


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