Monday, November 06, 2006

Not Quite the Scene Here at the Crib!

But you can get the idea I'm sure. So I awake this morning (too early) bright and chipper from getting more than a good night's sleep (from falling asleep on the couch after Dexter). I stumble into the bathroom, firmly place my arse on the throne and grab my copy of Backpacker. Upon flushing I heard a weird noise that at first didn't warrant investigation or so I thought. But after turning on both the sink and shower and no water to be seen, I investigated. No water or should I say more accurately VERY LITTLE water pressure. WTF!?

Taking a shower is one of my daily morning rituals that seems to bring me completely out of the slumber and ready to function. Basically, this ritual was instilled during my school days as a youth, when I enjoyed looking my best at school i.e. school was a fashion show! LOL Now, however, my morning shower is my cup of java - it perks me up and gets me going. At least until this morning.

Turns out a water main which feeds both mine and the adjacent building in my complex blow up! At about 9am this morning I went to take out the garbage and noticed all this water flowing down the road. Initially, I thought they were just draining the pool but it was flowing in the wrong direction. Then I peeked up the road and saw the tractors and the dudes with the hard hats. Shit! I thought to myself, "how long will this take?"

So it's been six hours since the discovery and no shower, no laundry, and no dishwasher. This really puts me behind in my chores. But I won't get upset...



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