Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Can't say this is what I was looking for at all...

For crying out cornflakes it amazes me what kind of weird shit I can find in some of the most familiar places I haunt online. You think you know a site pretty well, aware of what types of services, reading, etc. it has to offer, so you're content and confident. Among other sites, I frequent plenty of news feeds. You'd be amazed what grabs some people as mews.

This is why I am a frequent reader of DIGG.com. Because all the stories are submitted by the members, it's truly like a box of chocolates! (Thanks a lot, Forest!) I found three gems while following a seemingly endless online paper trail regarding public enemy #1 Lamar Thomas and his latest weekend antics while commentating the U of Miami/FIU brawl.

#1. DeansPlanet.Com Apparently, there is a whole list of celebrity bra sizes to settle once and for all those drunken debates occuring at fraternities and sororities all over the U.S.

#2. Dog Saves Owner, Dies Trying to Save Cat. This one found on ABCNews.com is pretty much self explanatory.

#3. Associated Press - Tyson Returning to Ring; May Fight Women. In a move to raise money for charity, former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will kick of a "World Tour" this Friday in Youngstown.

I only wish I knew, seriously!


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